Parliamentarians of Brooklyn, New York (PBNY), is a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians® (NAP) and is affiliated with the New York Association of Parliamentarians. The object of this unit shall be to promote the study of parliamentary procedure and the educational programs of National Association of Parliamentarians, on a local level; serving, but not limited to the Borough of Brooklyn.

The Parliamentarians of Brooklyn New York meets bi-monthly (6 times a year) with its board and standing committees meeting in the month following each the general assembly meeting.

PBNY has 3 Core Missions:
1) To increase the acumen in its members, of Robert’s Rules Of Order and parliamentary procedure
2) To bring the study of Robert’s, via social outreach, to the community and general, and young people in particular.
3) To serve, via our credentialed members, as exemplary consultants for community-based, business, social, and other organizations, who utilize Robert’s as their parliamentary authority; who have a need for parliamentary services.


  • Membership and Retention Committee
  • Education and Professional Development Committee
  • Social Outreach Committee
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing and Social Media Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Credentialing Committee
  • Social and Hospitality Committee
  • Undergraduate Affairs Committee
  • Conference and Convention Planning Committee
  • Survey
  • Feedback and Best Practices Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Audit Committee.